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Valentine's Day is observed on February 14.  On this day, people send greeting cards, called Valentines, to members of their family, friends, and sweethearts.  Some Valentines have humorous pictures and sayings, while others have romantic verses.  Most say "Be my Valentine."

In the second half of the twentieth century, the practice of exchanging cards for Valentine's Day was extended to all kinds of gifts.  Such gifts include roses or other flowers or chocolates packed in a red, heart-shaped box.  In the 1980's the diamond industry began to promote Valentine's Day as an occasion for giving jewelry.

The rise of internet popularity at the turn of the millenium is creating new traditions.  Every year millions of people use digital means of creating and sending Valentine's Day greetings, such as, e-cards, printable greeting cards, or love coupons.  About 15 million valentines were sent in 2010.  Some consider Valentine's Day to be a Hallmark day because of its commercialization.

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